The Christian Arabic Church in Houston is a Bible teaching, Christ following, Arabic speaking Church.


Our Christian Arabic congregation comes from a diverse group of Arabic speaking nationalities including Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis, and Sudanese.  The Christian Arabic Church seeks to live as Christ lived, and learn from the word of God which is the Bible (Old and New Testament).

The Christian Arabic Church extends the love of Christ to all people, regardless of backgrounds.  We love as Christ loved us. Our doors and hearts are opened to all who seek to know Christ and have fellowship with other believers.

The Christian Arabic Church has Sunday School programs for children, and English translation during the Sunday morning services. A Bible Study is held every Friday night which includes a discussion as we look deeply into the word of God.

It delights and honors the Christian Arabic Church to invite you and your family to join us at one of our worship services.

We are located in the greater northwest Houston area (near 290 West and Beltway 8).  Our address is 14400 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040 (Houston First Church of God).

You can reach us by phone by calling Pastor Mounir Rizkalla Soliman at (281)  605-0038.


The desire of the Christian Arabic Church is to serve Christ in Houston and specifically the Arabic speaking community.

We invite you to come and visit the Christian Arabic Church, and experience the joy of fellowship with humble Christians who sincerely desire to follow Christ.


 أهلا وسهلا

راعى الكنيسة القس منير سليمان  يرحب بكم ،مهما كانت  خلفيتكم أو جنسيتكم

سواء فى اجتماعات الكنيسة  أو بمخاطبته بالهاتف او بالبريد الكترونى او حتى بالبريد

.العادى او بأى وسيلة أخرى

وهو مستعد ان يستمع لكم ويجيب على تساؤلاتكم ويساعدكم فى حل مشاكلكم ويصلى

.معكم فى اى وقت

كما اننا نرحب بالوافدين الى مدينة هيوستون سواء من ولايات  اخرى او مهاجرين من البلاد العربية ، والكنيسة

تعمل على مساعدتهم وراحتهم واستقرارهم وعائلاتهم ،بقدر المستطاع

كما  تفتح أبوابها للراغبين فى تعلم اللغة  العربية سواء من الصغار او الكبار

.فاتصل بنا على ا حد العناوين المدونة على هذه الصفحة واهلا وسهلا بكم